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Have all business processes and key information in your enterprise under control.

  • Unify your business processes across channels, industries and regions
  • Track where stock is across the supply chain
  • Create ad-hoc reports with the information you need
  • Manage prices, products, offers and campaigns from HQ
  • Understand customer needs and predict demand with the help of Artificial Intelligence
  • Scale your business and add new outlets easily, running them as a single operation
  • Configure the system to comply with each region’s legal and fiscal requirements


Direct, clear communication between front of house and kitchen. Rapid, professional service that makes guests feel welcome. A well-organized kitchen, where ingredients are used efficiently to produce dishes of top quality, with no delays or errors. This sounds like a dream to most restaurant owners. This is your daily reality when you use LS Central for restaurant and food service businesses.

LS Central is a unified platform that gives you a clear overview over your whole operation, while facilitating communication in the restaurant. Send orders directly from the POS to the kitchen, speed up table turns, create menus centrally, decrease waste and operational costs, and delight your guests, again and again.


LS Central for pharmacy is a complete software solution built on LS Central and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central ERP. You can manage various types of prescriptions, handle drugs effectively and keep track of the levels of pharmaceutical stock across all stores. At the same time, you can also handle retail items (including pricing, replenishment, campaigns/promotions, loyalty, etc.), manage appointments and reservations and finalize sales at the POS.

This means pharmacies can use just one software solution to manage all their product sales, from pharmaceuticals to health to beauty, as well as bookings within the same software solution. Also, thanks to the automations, you can standardize internal processes and increase efficiency.

LS Central for pharmacy is an international, modular solution which can be used in multiple countries.


Do you use disparate software systems to run your business mix of accommodation, retail, booking services, and restaurants? Then don’t be surprised if your data is inconsistent, your costs are through the roof, and you have no idea who your guests are.

With LS Retail, you can run your hotel, hospitality, retail, and event business within just one platform. You get all the in-depth industry functionality you need without ever having to switch systems. And since all your information is within one database, you get total visibility over your whole enterprise and your guests.


Forecourt operators have to face the complexities of a filling gas station, a convenience store retailer and a casual dining operator. These include different pricing structures by grade of petroleum products and geographical region, necessity of safety mechanisms at the pump, kitchen and menu management, and integration of the POS systems with the fueling pumps and back office – to name just a few. Technical complexities just add to the mix. Gas stations and forecourt operators often use multiple software solutions to manage the different sections of their business – one for retail management, one for the food service part and one for the filling station. However, building, managing and running different IT systems is time-consuming and expensive; on top of that, there is the constant risk that integration issues between diverse applications might create inconsistent financial data.