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Document Capture

Document Capture is an end-to-end solution to import, register, approve and archive complete purchase invoices and credit memos directly into Business Central. Other document types can be handled in a similareasy manner, and all of this happens with minimal user involvement. This saves you both the time and hassle of having to register incoming documents manually, no more typing needed.

Expense Management

Keeping track in real-time of employee expenditures both in and away from the office. This solution provides easier-than-ever registration and approval of business-related expenses and travel activities using Business Central, a unique Expense app, and a Web Portal. 

Web Approval Portal

At any time during the approval flow, users can add attachments to the invoice or the expense such as images, spreadsheets or e-mails. The attachments added through the Web Approval Portal are immediately available to other users of Business Central, making it fast and easy to look up the attachments even after posting 

XML Import

Just like invoice processing of PDF documents, electronic documents such as PEPPOL and other types of XML formats are automatically downloaded from predefined e-mail addresses or folders. All data is transferred from the imported file into the correct fields in Business Central. Compared to PDF documents, PEPPOL and other XML formats deliver unmatched accuracy and level of details of all the data. 

Collection Management

Working in Finance, you probably want your routine billing and accounts receivable management to be handled as smoothly and automated as possible. 

Collection Management integrates directly with several notable collection service providers. This means that you are fully covered, from generating direct debit payment suggestions to receiving instant status updates. This gives you a perfect overview of agreement and payment statuses, enabling you always stay on top of your liquidity. 

Document Output

Some customers wish to receive their documents such as sales invoices, credit memos, reminders, etc., as physical printouts. Others as PDF-attachments in e-mails and even some electronically in formats such as XML etc. Do you have this overview easily at hand in your organization? 

Payment Management

Working in Finance, you may find it costly and time-consuming to handle payment files to the bank manually. Moreover, you probably want to ensure a stable payment flow and eliminate the risk of typing errors. Payment Management is a complete payment management solution that ensures great quality and provides a high level of security throughout the entire payment process. 

This way, you streamline your finance processes by approving, sending, and receiving payments in one simultaneous workflow directly from Business Central. 

Payment management (extension)

On-premises customers can benefit from upgrading to newer versions and experience greater value from the latest functionalities, updates, technical improvements. Get an overview of upcoming and already released features here. 

Statement Intelligence

Do you find manual bank reconciliation to be labor-intensive, time-consuming, and even at times error-ridden?  
Free up resources in Finance by importing account statements from the bank, match attachments, combine payments and create deposit slips automatically. 
Continia Statement Intelligence includes functionality to load electronic bank statements from the bank, which allows Continia Payment Management to easily balance your bank accounts. This simply requires bank statements in electronic form. 

MobilePay Subscriptions

MobilePay Subscriptions is an easy and effective solution to manage recurring collections automatically. The extension adds another collection functionality to Business Central, enabling your customers to pay recurring payments via a MobilePay payment agreement. 

MobilePay Invoice

Using the MobilePay Invoice extension, your customers will be able to pay their invoices with one swipe in MobilePay. You will be able to follow your customers' payments step by step making you able to react if a payment is declined or the due date is exceeded.  

XML Export

From batch-printing business files to bulk-emailing sales invoices, reminders, and other business documents, these distribution processes are handled through the solution Continia Document Output for Business Central. 

Enhancing your Document Output solution with the XML Export add-on, you thereby get a comprehensive solution for sending all types of documents in any format, either print, pdf, or XML. 

Support Continia

Continia Software has more than 15000 active licenses worldwide. In order to handle that number of customers, we have a partner-only model which means our solutions are delivered and supported by Microsoft Dynamics partners. As an end-user, you must always contact your Microsoft Dynamics partner if you need support for one of our solutions. We have several training activities for our partners, and they can always contact us for help if needed for a specific support request.